Josephine James Mature Tits

A great set of mature tits helps make Josephine James a popular porn star, and she seems to get sexier with age.  Since 1999, she has been making guys pop their tops all over her massive tits, and she told us she doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon.  In this Anilos photo set, Josephine hikes up her black skirt and rubs her beige stocking covered legs, all while her mature tits hang free.

Mature Josephine James

That leopard print top can barely contain her mature tits, so why even fight it Josephine!

Mature Tits

Ahh, that’s much better Josephine.   Massive mature tits unleashed and her stocking covered legs on full display.   Perfection.

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Josephine turns around and shows off her mature ass, all while giving you a great look at her stocking covered legs and heels.   Anyone want to take this mature porn star for a spin around your hard cock?

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Josephine James Big Breasts

Josephine James is from the United Kingdom, and this stunning 44 year old is looking to have some naughty fun as she gets herself all hot and bothered while giving you a sexy strip show.   Watch as those big breasts get unleashed and fondled in this killer Anilos photo set.  I’d take a few hits upside the head from those big breasts!

British MILF Josephine

Well shit, that sexy dress can barely even hold in Josephine’s big breasts.  All natural, and ready to pleasure you.

Big Natural Breasts

Big natural breasts and big nipples equals one hell of a perfect mature woman.  Josephine you can have my cock anytime you want.

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While I definitely think Josephine’s tits are the main star of the show, let’s not forget to give praise to her ass guys.  That ass has perfect cushion for the pushin!

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Josephine James Pink Toy

What could be better than a horny mature British porn star with a huge urge to masturbate for you?  Not much as far as I am concerned, that is why I was so happy to see this Anilos set featuring the wonderful babe Josephine James.   Not only did she bring her sexual urges, she also brought that wonderful set of big tits that we all enjoy so much!

Now that is a fucking rack!   They just know how to build them sexy over in the UK.   I don’t care what anyone says.

Josephine Big Tits

This is your captain speaking.   Would the next person due to motorboat Josephine’s big breasts, please step forward!

Josephine Pink Toy

Josephine James has her big breasts exposed and her left hand rubbing her clit.   Now all that is left is jam that pink toy deep inside that warm box!

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We have had the chance to see some killer photos of Josephine James and her wonderful mature tits.   Now it is time to watch an amazing video of her pulling out her favorite sex toy and stuffing her British twat with it.   With each stroke of the toy inside her pussy, Josephine moans loader and louder as she plays with her big breasts at the same time.   By the end of this Anilos video, Josephine has cummed hard and is completely satisfied!

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Naughty Doctor Josephine James

Mature doctor Josephine James is looking sexy as fuck in her white lab coat and glasses.  Lucky for us this naughty doctor has different plans for that stethoscope, and it involves her older pussy.   So let’s whip open that lab coat and pull those red panties down baby, and get down to the dirty business!

Naughty Doctor

That white lab coat is looking tight in the bust.   Hey Josephine lets open that coat open wide shall we.

Topless Doctor

I told you Josephine James would use the stethoscope on her pussy.  That is if you can get your eyes off her huge breasts.

Mature Doctor Masturbation

Now incredibly turned on, this mature doctor pulls out her red dildo as she prepares to masturbate her mature pussy right there in the chair.  Josephine can come be my doctor anytime she damn well pleases!

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